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Para seres um Ninja, tens que aprender com um Ninja...

With his involvement in King Olav's secret Norwegian ninja force now outed in Thomas Cappelen Malling's Norwegian Ninja, Arne Treholt's secret ninja training manual, Ninja Technique X: Coup d'état 1984, is now being translated and prepared for release in both Norwegian and English. Here is part of the official announcement:

We're thrilled to announce the coming of Treholt's Ninjutsu handbook in the art of toppling governments, originally written in 1984 for His Majesty's Ninja Force and Naval Special Forces. This previously classified re-issue hits the bookstores in English and Norwegian this year.

"Who the Government is elected by doesn't matter. What matters is who the Government represents."

- Commander Treholt in the book's introduction.
In this volume, expect to see illustrations and photos of Commander Treholt and his Ninja-brethren demonstrating coup-planning; heads-of-state executions; stealth-techniques; false-flag terrorism and subversion; urban warfare; counter-interrogation techniques and more - such as blueprints and assault plans for key Oslo buildings and maps of Collocated Operating Base arms-depots hidden around the country.

A blog chronicling the history of Treholt's training manual and it's impending release has been set up here and visitors are currently being treated to scans of some illustrations to be found inside. Yes, this IS an actual book.

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