sexta-feira, janeiro 21, 2011


The core concept is simple enough. The three films - Friday Killer, Saturday Killer and Sunday Killer - pair an established comedian with a pretty young thing in some sort of hitman-based story. Beyond that the tone diverges wildly.

Friday Killer is the serious one - serious enough that despite being the first completed, the first in order by title, and winning the top prize at the Phuket International Film Festival last year the distributors opted to hold back and release the comedy-oriented Saturday Killer first to establish the series - the story of an aging hitman (Thep Po-ngam, familiar from Yuthlert's Killer Tattoo) released from a lengthy stint in prison to discover that his daughter has become a policewoman and is now gunning for him.

The theatrical trailer for this one is freshly arrived on the scene and it looks to be pretty great. Well shot, well acted, stylish and with heart. Check it out below.


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