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SexyKiller (2008)

Parece perfeito de mais ou não...

"A serial killer is loose at a medical school in Spain, and the police have no clue who is responsible for the carnage. Certainly, nobody suspects Bárbara (Macarena Gómez), a sexy, fashion-obsessed student with a hunger for blood that can't be satiated by what she gets in anatomy class. Killing has become a hobby for Bárbara, who would just as easily suffocate an unsatisfactory one-night stand as she would slice the throat of a peeping tom.
Inspired by her favourite childhood toy, the Barbie-like Cindy Superstar and her plastic mate, Glen, Bárbara wants to find her perfect match, a hunk who would share her passion for bloodletting. She thinks her search has ended when she meets Tomás (César Camino), a hard-working student assigned to the morgue who spends most of his time slicing open cadavers. However, Tomás has secretly developed a brain-impulse decoder to cure migraines and inadvertently discovers that, with the added effect of a little ecstasy, he can see the final images from the brain of a corpse. Might his invention solve the mystery of the Campus Killer, putting an end to Bárbara's killing spree and her newfound love in one swoop?
Zany and outlandish, Sexykiller splashes buckets of blood along the catwalk as director Miguel Martí plays with his killer comedy creation, Bárbara; she's Hannibal Lecter in the body of a Vogue model. Gómez will become the horror fan's new pin-up dream as she poses in the mirror with guns and knives aping Taxi Driver's Travis Bickle, or laments the unlevel playing field of the male-dominated serial-killer “business.” She regularly divulges to the audience her various techniques, sharing step-by-step instructions for a clean and easy murder using implements found around the kitchen – a mass-murdering Martha Stewart. Add in some zombies and chainsaws, and we get a bloody spin on the term “fashion victim.”

O bloody-Disgusting tem outra opinião:
How can a movie that’s supposed to be extremely bloody, sexy and violent be so goddamn boring? That’s the question I have been asking myself since I walked out of the theater and it’s nearly impossible to wrap your brain around it. If they had thrown in a few more breasts (especially during Barbara’s sex scene), two good kills and used the ‘effin chainsaw, SEXYKILLER would have at least given the audiences something to talk about. Enjoy your blue balls.

Fica aqui o trailer e o teaser:

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Codfish disse...

Parece me bem...divertido pelo menos!
Baila comigo esta noche Macarena...Gomez.
Gosto particularmente da cena do 1 trailer qnd ela vai a passear o caozinho e diz: àqui la que cuerta el bacalao soy yo!lolol