segunda-feira, outubro 06, 2008

DeadGirl (2008)

Site Oficial
eu não sei se o filme é bom. Já diversas criticas e nenhuma era 100% positiva, mas o poster é muito bom.
"Exploring an abandoned sanatorium while ditching school, two high school burnouts discover a girl strapped to a gurney in a secluded chamber. Debut directors Gadi Harel and Marcel Sarmiento craft a new breed of teen angst drama set against a backdrop of humor black enough to make John Hughes retreat to a fetal state."

Segundo o Bloody-Disgusting:
"DEADGIRL is not a zombie movie per se, or maybe it is? Either way, the word should be banned from use when converging over the film, as it’s something quite different. DEADGIRL is something that has never been done before and it will leave you shocked (or jealous – if you’re a freak). A twisted turn of events make DEADGIRL an immediate indie classic and one of the best teen horror thrillers in years. This will be one to talk about over a long cup of coffee… "


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