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Cada vez mais é um "orgulho" ter a possibilidade de receber mensalmente a Maximum Rock'n'Roll. Este último número é para mim um dos melhores dos últimos meses. Destaco a primeira parte do artigo "Is Business Killing Punk Rock?" com pequenas entrevistas a: Derek: G7 Welcoming Committe rec; Doc: Dr. Strange Rec; Steve: 1-2-3-4 Go! rec; Darren Walters: Jade Tree rec; Max: 625 rec; Felix Havoc: Havoc rec; Todd Congelliere: Recess rec; Joe Biel: Microcosm rec; Levi Curtice: Chaos Screenprinting rec; Alec: Dischord rec; Chris: Plan-It-X rec; Segundo sei na segunda parte do artigo que irá sair agora no #277 uma das personagens entrevistadas será o Fat Mike... mal posso esperar para ler o que irá sair daqui...
Deste número destaco ainda a Tour report de Vitamin X no sudoeste asiático com o baterista Boka;
Melhor dizendo: this month we bring you a very special issue of Maximum Rocknroll. In our cover feature, "Is Business Killing Punk Rock?" we focus on business and punk: What does it mean to be "independent" or "DIY"? Are major labels evil? Is all big business evil? How should we, as punks, conduct business and spend our money? We posed these questions, and many more, to our esteemed monthly columnists and to some of the folks behind a variety punk labels and businesses. Tons of food for thought... Also this month we give you part two of our feature article on the history of New York's famed DIY punk club, ABC No Rio. And of course we've got interviews-Perth, Australia's garage-pop-rockers SOVIET VALVES; passionate hardcore punks SUBURBAN DEATH MACHINE from Pittsburgh, PA; Detroit's fabulous FRUSTRATIONS; George Hurchalla, who wrote the recent book Going Underground... All of this and an Asian Pacific tour diary from our Dutch friends VITAMIN X and scene reports from the Czech Republic and Greece... Whew!

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